As a result of Mona’s ability to quickly understand the business contexts and challenges that I described, and her ability to tailor feedback, I walked away from each of our discussions with clear action steps to achieve the desired outcomes we discussed. I also appreciated the thoughtful questions Mona asked to make sure I was thinking broadly and anticipating roadblocks that may occur as I pursue my goals.

Consumer Insights Manager

Mona is an excellent coach. She is a great listener and she articulates ideas in a way that I found easy to apply to my situation. She gave me reading materials to review between sessions and would ask for my feedback on progress. I particularly found the role-playing exercises beneficial by enabling me to see areas where I needed to improve. I feel my work with her has helped me to be more efffective in my workplace and with my colleagues. In fact, after I completed our initial sessions: I have reached out to her for coaching in other areas.

Melissa, Fund Operations Associate

Mona is calm and steady; provided me with things I canĀ  put into practice…and helped me formulate goals and a plan to implement them.

LIFT Coaching & Consulting
Corporate Assistant General Counsel

She definitely gave me food for thought and made me think outside of the box. Mona was able to relate to my challenges with my organization and offered good suggestions for next steps.

LIFT Coaching & Consulting
Senior Manager, Youth Development organization

Mona was excellent at guiding me to get to specific things I can do to address areas I want to focus on. This was extremely helpful.

LIFT Coaching & Consulting
Corporate Senior Manager

Mona took time to ask about my organization for clarity and so she could provide informed feedback that would be useful for me. All was non-judmental, purposeful and useful.

LIFT Coaching & Consulting
School Administrator