LIFT Consulting with Mona Edwards

Mona Edwards brings her experience in leadership development, nonprofits, education, governance, government and law to assist and collaborate with organizations and groups. Her leadership and management experience, combined with a history of community engagement and volunteerism contribute to her interest and skills in these areas.

About LIFT Consulting

LIFT Consulting focuses on planning, facilitation, governance and human resource projects. LIFT works with key leaders or organizational representatives to assess the opportunity and determine how best to bring forward human resources, leadership and planning and organizational skills to assist. LIFT works in partnership with the organization or group to develop and/or facilitate a plan to achieve desired results.

Examples of consulting work includes planning and facilitation of board and group meetings and retreats, collaborating to enhance board or committee governance, and providing training and professional development.

Mona Edwards LIFT Coaching and Consulting

At LIFT - we plan, communicate, and facilitate to help you reach your goals. If you believe you can, you will. LIFT looks forward to helping you to achieve!

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