LIFT Coaching and Consulting

Led by Mona Edwards, Executive Coach and Consultant, LIFT coaches, supports, and develops executives and leaders at all levels to improve performance, enhance working relationships, make behavioral changes, and define and achieve career goals. LIFT also provides planning and facilitation services and consultation on organizational human resources needs.

LIFT focuses on executive coaching, career coaching and leadership development coaching.

LIFT also helps to plan and faciliate retreats, board meetings and other group meetings.

Helping Leaders Elevate Effectiveness

LIFT Coaching and Consulting - Mona Edwards

Why a giraffe?

LIFT is focused on helping leaders to elevate their effectiveness. The giraffe is our symbol. A giraffe’s height enables it to view the full landscape and to see where others can’t. It is unique and stands out from the crowd. It symbolizes our focus on striving to ‘see’ the organizational environment and culture of our clients. The giraffe, because of its height, aligns with the name ‘LIFT’. It symbolizes our goal of elevating leaders to new heights and levels of effectiveness within their particular landscape and context. Plus, giraffes are really cool animals!

LIFT Coaching and Consulting - Mona Edwards
Why LIFT Coaching and Consulting


We believe that we all benefit when each person and each organization performs at their highest ability. LIFT takes a positive, collaborative and supportive approach in working with clients. We place a high value on listening, compassion, honesty, courage and results. Our ultimate goal is to help clients elevate effectiveness.

Choose LIFT and together we will work to rise.